Why I Wear Leggings… And I’m Damn Proud of It

I know it’s not necessarily a new issue, but it has gotten closer to home for me in recent weeks. The issue of who should or should not wear leggings and if they should be worn at all.

Only little girls under the age of 5 should wear leggings.

Adult women should never wear leggings.

Those are pajamas and should never be worn outside of the house.

Look at their a**es in those; they’re disgusting.

Look in a mirror!

Why would anyone wear something so unflattering?

And the list goes on.


Updated picture: Still rocking my leggings!

I have many thoughts that immediately come to mind, such as “This is what people choose to debate about when millions of people are starving, dying, fighting, living unclothed, being murdered, being raped…?” And the list goes on again. My next thoughts then become, “Who are you to tell anyone what to wear? Who are you to take pictures of people, without their knowledge or consent, and post it on the internet for faceless cronies to ridicule and mock?” Those people who you believe look unattractive in leggings are not disgusting. You are.

I, like millions of people around the world who wear leggings, like how they feel. They’re soft, they move with the body, and they somehow don’t feel constrictive. Whether someone is petite, average, or large, leggings present a real opportunity to feel comfortable and hopefully look good. Or at the very least, feel good about yourself.

As someone who has struggled with weight issues her entire life and still struggles to feel comfortable in certain clothing, I love that I can put on a pair of leggings and feel good about myself. I love that my husband can look me up and down and be attracted to me. I love that I look and feel my thinnest in a pair of leggings. I love that I can wear a tighter shirt and not see a muffin top; or I can wear a larger shirt and not look like a bag lady. That’s because leggings help smooth out some of the natural rolls and bulges.

Let’s also not forget that leggings, like any other article of clothing, can be colorful and filled with unique opportunities to dress up an outfit. Or they can be basic and take the wearer from a casual work environment to a night out on the town. Leggings are versatile and give people options.

Leggings are comfortable (check), versatile (check), professional (check), attractive (check), for any age (check), and any other reason you need to look good and feel good about yourself (check!). Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old, too fat, too thin, to “whatever” to wear leggings or any other piece of clothing you want. Don’t harm others, physically or verbally, and I think you’re okay in my book no matter what you wear.

P.S. To those who ridicule, mock, and take pictures of people in leggings or any type of “questionable” clothing, you are in the wrong. Instead of taking a photo of a woman whose underwear can be seen through her pants, politely and quietly point out what might be an embarrassing situation for her. Do not take a picture of it and post it on the internet for billions of people to see. That is wrong, and if it happened to you, I’m sure you would be the first to cry out that your personal space and rights were violated. Think before you press that button.

2015 In Review

WordPress gives me a review of the past year. All in all, it doesn’t look bad, but clearly I need to be better! As every year seems to be (for everyone) 2016 will be my year of better change!

Here are some of my goals in no particular order:

  • Finish, edit and publish my YA novel, The Cavern, by summer.
  • Start (and maybe finish) my sequel, The Surface, by the end of the year.
  • Go back to my Zumba classes regularly.
  • Make my peaceful, positive and more environmentally and animal conscious stamp across this world more felt.

I have a million more goals bouncing around my head, but no one wants to read those. But I’m always interested in other people’s goals for a new year. What are you most excited about changing for yourself and the world around you?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

Please follow, comment, like and all that other good stuff!

The Voices In My Head

The other day I was texting with a writer friend of mine (Alica McKenna Johnson), and I said I was jealous by how much she could write. The woman writes long, (and awesome!) books; I’m lucky if I can get my books within the publisher-accepted range of 40,000-60,000 words. Her response was perfect: “Only another writer would be jealous of the voices in my head!”

How true is that statement, though?! Unless your schizophrenic (sorry!) then having these voices telling a multitude of stories is a blessing and a burden. I think most writers would say it’s awesome having an intense imagination that can create entire worlds and life histories out of nothing but the synapses in our brain. But creative types are often the most critical of their own work, and we judge ourselves by our peers’ achievements.

When we judge ourselves by others we don’t always see or understand that the same person could be judging their own work and ability by us. I look at the women in my writing group who manage to pump out astounding lines of poetry in their stories, or create the most vivid images of a life lived, and I stand in awe of what they can do. I might throw myself a bone and think “I’m good, but I’m not that good”, but oftentimes I put myself down: “This is such crap! Why would anyone want to read this?” But those same amazing women push off my compliments and tell me how great my story is even when they don’t have to.

They encourage me, and I encourage them. We’re all trying to achieve the same goal: write the story well. Maybe we have different outcomes in mind- publish to get a paycheck, publish for free, write for pleasure- but we all have the same wish for our stories.

This seems to happen whenever I start to write a post. I think it’s about one thing, and it turns into something completely different. I started this thinking it might only apply to fellow writers and other creative types, but somehow I turned it into a feel-good, “let’s encourage each other because we don’t know what battle someone is fighting” sort of post. That’s not a bad thing at all; I’m just making an observation. Hopefully it reaches everyone on some level, and you all enjoy my semi-coherent ramblings.


PS. Check out Ms. Mckenna Johnson’s wonderful books here: http://www.amazon.com/Children-Fire-2-Book/dp/B016QAVVJ6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1448299612&sr=8-3&keywords=alica+mckenna+johnson

These 2 are just the beginning; she has plenty more in store 😉



Non-Fiction, Non-Problem!

Does that make sense? Kind of, but not really? It’s understandable, but not grammatically correct? Eh, that’s better than some bestsellers out there!

Here’s a quick update and a short blog post: I’ve been writing articles for some local magazines, and it looks like I’m in for the long haul. Yay!

I’ll keep you updated, and probably (hopefully, but not likely (why, because I’m lazy yet busy all the time)) will post some new things soon. I promised some traveling posts, right? Eek! Those are on my list of “write about this amazing trip and say something poignant” list. I said list twice, I know. I’ll own it.

Click on the links for these awesome magazines. I’ll be in the November, and hopefully beyond, issues.




I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar!


I just wanted to toot my horn a little, that’s all. The hole on the right used to look like the bush on the left, and who dug that sucker up, roots and all? Me! And who’s going to dig the other bush up? Me! Why? Because I can!

It took me a couple weeks between the heat and waiting for the trash can to be emptied, but I finally did it this morning! I love yard work and house work (but hate it too) because at the end there is a clear line of success. Bush-no bush, dirty-not dirty. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something even something as “simple” as digging up a big bush!

My message: take those small accomplishments and put them on your personal global scale whether it’s doing a good job at work, working hard for/with your family, volunteering, or even following your dreams that will affect the world.

Go forth in this world and do something great with it!

P.S. The adrenaline is getting to me. Eventually this enthusiasm will wane and I’ll be dying on the couch. That bush put up a good fight!

Checking Off My Travel Bucket List… And Restarting It All Over Again

Part of the reason I haven’t been as present on this blog, other than my God-given procrastination talents, is the amount of traveling I’ve been doing. Since September I’ve been to Disneyland (for the billionth time, but who cares, it’s Disney!), Sedona, D.C./Virginia, Universal Studios Orlando and Harry Potter World (OMG!!!), ziplining/Payson, Maryland, and finally Utah. The last two were within a week of each other, by the way. I’m exhausted! But I’m always thinking about the next trip and the next set of possibilities. I have places I’ve already been and need to go back (Italy and England), and places I’m dying to visit (Greece and Egypt to name only a couple).

I have my own bucket list of locations, but then I see or hear about another beautiful and amazing place I have to see, and what do you know, the list gets longer yet again! I plan on writing more posts on my travels, but right now I want to hear from you. Whoever you are, if there is a you out there reading this, what is your favorite place to visit? What locale is on your bucket list?

Ahnuld says, “I’ll be bahck.” Or should it be Bach?

I don’t even want to look at the last time I posted so let’s just say it’s been awhile! I will be writing (somewhat/hopefully) regularly starting soon and looks like it’ll be something other than writing! I’ve been told, repeatedly, no one really cares how a novice writer does her thing, but also reminded that I’ve been really busy doing SO MUCH STUFF over the last several months that I have a lot I can talk about. More on the STUFF soon, I promise.

So, in the words of a very funny and more recent pop culture reference, “I’m back, pitches!”

P.S. Since there’s a new Terminator coming out (I can’t wait!), the title is still relevant, right?

Why I’ve Been AWOL… And The Real Reason

Biggie Boy looking into the distance, possibly contemplating the universe

Biggie Boy looking into the distance, possibly contemplating the universe

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

I don’t even want to look at when I posted last because I’ll be much too ashamed to see I’ve been gone so long! I could say I’ve been editing furiously and ferociously (as evidenced by the pictures above), but that would be maybe 25% truth. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when I was on a really good run of editing, and I thought it would be perfect to post and “explain” my absence. Notice I said “a few weeks ago”? Remember the title of this blog? WATCH APRYL PROCRASTINATE! That’s what I’ve been doing, and that’s the real reason for my absence. Also, maybe another 25% lack of inspiration.

So let’s look at the math: 25% editing, 25% lack of inspiration, and 50% laziness? Sounds about right!